The Groom ~ Connecticut Wedding From Justin & Mary Marantz
June 18, 2009
By: eddye
New England

It's Friday! And bloggers do fun stuff on Friday's, right?... Friday finds and Friday follows are super ... but Friday friends are best!

OK, so we didn't exactly find the Marantz' ... but we do count them as friends!

This is straight up, off their website ...

A chill New England wind blew in out of the south and waded its way through a mire of blue-gray fog ... she pulled her veil close around her and stood quietly in the background. She didn't have to be there. Didn't have to wait. Her pictures were finished and she could've gone inside among the warm glow of friends & family. But she just smiled as she quietly declined. "I'll wait for him."

justin and mary marantz

She'd been waiting for somebody like him her whole life. Someone who would love her with his whole heart and take care of her the way that she knew she would always take care of him. Someone who takes her hand when she's getting out of a car and holds her just a little tighter when they dance. Someone who would love not only her, but her whole family as if they were his own. A comfort in the quiet, a compass in the storm. And today, more than any day, she knew that she had found him. See, she didn't have to be there. Didn't have to wait. But somewhere along the line she decided, "I'll wait for him."

justin and mary marantz

justin and mary marantz

Married: Joe & Jenna

Jenna & Joe were married at the beautiful Black Rock Yacht Club with the help of the amazing Traci Romano Events and Katherine Jacob of KD&J Botanica. And they got the coolest day EVER with all this crazy beautiful fog. 'Cause as any photographer will tell you, we'll take clouds and fog over bright sun any day!! So as you will very soon see why, I think their whole day felt like one big ongoing Ralph Lauren ad. Yea, it was nautical yumminess at its finest! First up, Justin went to hang with the guys and got some of my favorite guys getting ready shots...ummm... EVER:

justin and mary marantz

Nobody tells a story better than Mary & Justin Marantz ... their images, their words  ... the best!

More of the story ... tomorrow!