Around the Blogs, Part II
June 17, 2009

You've probably already seen this amazing "wedding," as it's been ALL OVER THE BLOGS, but it's so ridiculously good, I couldn't resist. Shockingly good. Tec Pataja shot the incredible photographs for Nashville Lifestyles magazine, bringing together the creme de la creme of artists and vendors to design a day that is right out of heaven.

I know that this isn't exactly news, but holy cow. Every time I look at the photographs I turn into a school girl with her first crush!

tec pataja

Oh my. Make sure to check out Tec's blog for the full rundown of vendors as it's basically a laundry list of the industry's best. But, I have to say, along with the perfect photographs, it's the styling that is completely and totally blowing my mind. And who else but Joy Thigpen was the voice behind the look!

joy thigpen

I MEAN COME ON!!! The shabby chic, vintage, kind of eclectic place settings. The perfect flowers, the mismatched glassware. The freaking horses. Does it get any better than this?

tec pataja

For any girl who loves that down home style, that backyard chic look that is becoming more and more popular these days...this wedding must be your one and only. You'll find more inspiration than you thought was humanly possible by devouring the images that Tec has up on this blog right now. Head on over but buyer beware, it's scary good. Scary good people.

tec pataja

More to come from around the blogs!