Around the Blogs, Part I
June 17, 2009

Sometimes, it's really nice for me to take a little break from scouting out my own content and instead, just devour the pretty incredible stuff that is floating around on other blogs. For those of your that don't write a wedding blog (and it seems like there are so few of you left out there!), it's getting harder and harder to find fresh, original content. The blogs are just booming with inspiration and ideas and every now and then, it's fun for me to just spend the day scouring the web, falling in love with the eye candy and great new inspirations.

So today, I thought we could do a blog round-up and highlight some of the best stuff that is out there right now! First up, a FABULOUS, kind of quirky wedding over at Erin Heart's Court...

erin hearts court

There are tons of pictures and details right here from this Pamona College affair (literally, some of the pics were taken in the classroom...too, too cute!).

* * *

Next up, the genius that is Max Wanger, is featuring an equally lovely wedding that is all about the love. Fun, laid-back, totally effortless romance with a complete focus on fun. I love that.

max wanger real wedding

You can see the rest of the absolutely gorgeous pictures right here. Love, love, love Max Wanger.

* * *

Mint is featuring THE MOST ADORABLE fabric backed wedding invitations that the cute girls at two brunettes crafted. They are absolutely darling and such a great idea for a shabby chic affair.

fabric backed wedding invitations

There are lots of pictures of the rehearsal dinner invites right here and while you're at it, you HAVE to take a peek at two brunettes as it's chock-a-block full of eye candy and inspiration!

* * *

And finally, the fabulousness that is Cannelle et Vanille is completely ruining my diet with her beyond gorgeous desserts and her drool-inducing photography. I am totally and completely obsessed.

canelle et vanille

We have LOTS more from around the blogs on the way, so stay tuned! Today is ALL about the eye candy!