Smock Giveaway Winner!
June 15, 2009

It's finally that time...the time to announce the lucky winner of 10 sets of letterpress thank you notes designed and printed by the fabulousness that is Smock. But, before we announce the name, I wanted to share a little tid bit about Smock that I think is pretty great.

I know that a lot of you who left comments had fallen in love with a particular design...and yet, it didn't quite fit in with your color palette. Well, just an FYI that Smock will happily modify the design so that it is uniquely you, perfect for your own color palette, your own style. You can choose from an incredible range of ink colors, patterns, and fonts that can all be mixed and matched to create truly unique and personal wedding invitations. Here are a few examples of the Vettore invitation shown in different colorways...

smock wedding invitations

The options are completely and totally endless. Ok, now on to the big winner! Without further ado...the lucky, lucky girl to win the Smock letterpressed thank you cards is...Amelia!!

I love the calligraphy style of the Dorset invitation! As someone else stated, if only I have found them before :( I am shopping around for thank you notes now and would die if I won these! They are absolutely magical :)

Congratulations to Amelia...I know that these thank you notes will definitely come in handy!