NYC Loft Wedding by Daughter of Design, III
June 15, 2009
Tri State

Although the venue, the flowers, the amazingly gorgeous white color palette from today's affair are ALL incredible, it's really the personal approach that the couple took to their day that makes me really, really happy. Since I can't say it any better than the bride, I'll just pass the torch!

We did (almost) nothing that was traditional.  We served champagne before the ceremony because...well, who wouldn't want that? We were married by a friend of ours that was ordained for the occasion.  With her help, we wrote the ceremony and our own vows, and although I'm biased, they were amazing and so completely 'us'... many guests told us it was the highlight of their evening.

nyc loft wedding

The songs played during the ceremony were rock songs, performed on an acoustic guitar and accompanied by a cello.  The same (amazing) guitarist performed with singer Juliana Riccardi during cocktail hour:  Jazz covers of rock, pop and rap songs.  There were no bridal party introductions, no cake to cut, and no bouquet thrown - we came down from cocktails and danced a foxtrot for our first dance (our only nod to tradition) to start the party, then had no further interruptions for the rest of the evening.

nyc loft wedding

all photographs by Heather Waraksa

We asked our bridesmaids to pick out their own black and white cocktail dresses, and groomsmen to wear any dark suit they already owned or wanted to purchase. We loved the eclectic feel and, having been a bridesmaid on many occasions, I didn't really want my girls to have yet another dress they'd never wear again.  To add some cohesiveness, we gave each groomsman a gray two-tone dotted tie (polka dots made appearances throughout the wedding), and gifted the bridesmaids with the pieces they wore in their hair. 

So much more to come! Oh and we're hoping that Laura will gift us all the step-by-steps for her incredible hairpiece!