A Rehearsal Dinner by Jose Villa and Alison Events, II
June 15, 2009
United States

I am completely and totally smitten with this rehearsal dinner that Jose Villa sent me and that Allison Hotchkiss of Alison Events designed to perfection. Plus, they have been sweet enough to divulge all of the pretty details just for us, which makes it even better. I would KILL to see a wedding inspired by this rehearsal...the same cool, but not too cool, chic but not too chic, pretty but not too pretty style. LOVE IT.

rehearsal dinner

A few more details from the girls at Alison Events...Because The Parker only had availability on Friday night for the wedding, we ended up doing the rehearsal dinner on Saturday, making it an after wedding celebration.  It was honestly such a hit that we are thinking of recommending it to all our destination clients.  It was so nice for everyone to be able to enjoy the day after the wedding and not have to be traveling home.  The party that night was so much more relaxed because everyone already knew each other and all the s tressful stuff had already happened.

rehearsal dinner

We decided to have a Mexican theme on Saturday since we already had purchased so many items that were destination specific.  We brought in Danielle Rowe from Brown Paper Design to do the flowers for both the wedding and rehearsal dinner.  The Parker did an authentic Mexican buffet and we decorated the space with pinata's, Mexican flags, and serape blankets.  Hello Lucky turned around our menu cards in 2 days which were decorated with Mexican flags as well.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Everything about this rehearsal/could-be wedding is absolutely perfect. It's left me floating on cloud nine and completely inspired to seek out other similar fetes.Thanks so much to Alison Hotchkiss and the amazing Jose Villa for sharing this with us!

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