Real Wedding: Elizabeth and Johnny, V
June 12, 2009
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A humongous thank you to Elizabeth and Johnny for letting us share in their absolutely lovely celebration. And, to Kitty and Craig Fritz of Twin Lens for sending us the awe inspiring photographs. Spending the morning with you guys was a complete and total delight! Here are a few more bits of eye candy and some fun details from Elizabeth and Johnny's affair!

twin lens

We had people to tell us we should cut costs by asking a friend or an art student to take the pictures, and I am thrilled that we completely ignored that advice. We set out looking for photographers who could really capture the essence of the day. Cheesy photos of wedding parties jumping in the air and grooms dipping their brides didn't interest us. We wanted the pictures to not only remind us of how we felt during the celebration, but to convey to those who couldn't make it a real sense of what it was like to be there. Johnny and I are both novice photographers, and we love a more photo-journalist style.  Kitty and Craig absolutely exceeded our expectations. Not only were they in the thick of everything, but they pulled it off without being the least bit intrusive. They were like ninja photographers! And the pictures represent the day so intimately and honestly, people joyfully tear up when looking at them. The added bonus of them living in the very same New Mexico village where our wedding was held was simply too serendipitous to ignore.

And, some last words that are SO important for every bride on a budget to remember...

Using the resources you have, hunting for great deals, going to local businesses rather than large wedding retailers, and incorporating the talents that you have and the talents of others close to you - all of this is my best advice for creating a wedding that is not only affordable but that is truly your own.

The last thing I would add is that all of the guests made comments about how wonderful the rain was, affirming my belief that working with unplanned events (rather than trying to fight against them), is the best practice. Brides in particular get so caught up in the day being 'perfect.' We were rained on, ran people from courtyard to tent back to courtyard, had technical difficulties with the father-daughter dance, had to improvise a plan to fill water glasses, my bustle broke, my dress got muddy, the bus showed up too early to take guests back to the hotel, just to name a few mishaps... and it was the most spectacular day of my life. At least 20 of our guests told me that the evening was "just perfect," and I couldn't agree more.

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