Real Wedding: Elizabeth and Johnny, IV
June 12, 2009
DIY InspiredVintage

So much to love from today's featured affair. First of all, the incredible photography. I know that I've said it a million times today, but I am totally and completely smitten with Kitty and Craig Fritz of Twin Lens. Their work is always breathtaking, always captivating. Partner their talents up with a couple that is as gorgeous as they are completely cool...and the result is total perfection!

twin lens

From Elizabeth, the lovely, lovely bride...

We found that buying silverware at thrift stores was more than 50% cheaper than renting it.  We provided one fork, knife and spoon for each guest, and picked up cool serving utensils as we stumbled upon them - all in all about 375 pieces of silverware.

We borrowed napkins from my cousin. She had used them at her wedding, which was also deluged by a heavy rainstorm. There was speculation among my family members that perhaps the napkins brought the rain with them...

It was my little sister's idea to name our tables after some of our favorite jazz musicians, a passion Johnny and I share. The night that we met we had a lengthy conversation about the film 'Sweet and Lowdown,' and our love for the swing era. The head table was then named after the (fictional) lead characters from that film, Emmet Ray and his love, Hattie. The lanterns came from a decor hunt Johnny and his mother went on in Johnny's hometown of Durango. The jars and bottles we collected at antique stores and garage sales during our engagement. Julie had sage bushes in her yard, so we used branches from them in the jars, and then attached the table markers to the branches with clothespins.

Our desserts were made by three of our friends. One of them made the wedding cake, her first ever attempt, to rave reviews! It was a chocolate-cocoa cake with buttercream frosting and fresh berries. The coconut cake in particular was too delicious to be described. Finally our third baking friend made cookies and mini cheesecakes for those who prefer something other than cake.

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