DIY Project: Pearl Necklace
June 11, 2009
DIY Inspired
We got SO many emails and comments about Stephanie's gorgeous necklace from her wedding that we featured the other day, we asked her to put together some simple instructions for us! How great is that! It's pearly, it's a little bit fancy, it's all together FABULOUS!

DIY Necklace

Everything I used for the necklace I got at Michael's store.  They have a great bead selection (certain stores more options than others- but I think you can also order online).   I also got clasps that had multiple hooks or loops so that I would have more than one strand of beads coming from the one clasp.  (I am not sure what those are referred to as). I found them on sale so the brand is not listed on Michael's site, however, there are others that will substitute nicely.  There are also plenty of bead shops and craft shops that I am sure would have great selections.

You can find the clear jewelry string (nylon- not stretchy) at Michaels, or fishing line from any local Target or Walmart store will suffice as well.

My basic philosophy in going into the necklace was that I wanted it to be eclectic and sweet- so, I stuck with jewels that matched my color scheme but still added a bit of spark every now and again.  Since each strand connected to a different hook, I basically just started with one layer, and as I added more, made them slightly longer or slightly shorter to layer them one right on top of the other- After each layer I was sure to hold it up to my neck to make sure they were falling properly.  If you want the necklace a bit fuller- you can add more than one strand of beads to each individual hook.

The great part about an eclectic necklace is that your strands don't have to have even numbers and matching patterns.  Each strand was unique to itself- however, it is good to continually try on the necklace and have an outside opinion to make sure it is flowing smoothly and looking good on your particular neckline.  I also used this necklace as a "reception necklace"- so, I felt ok about making it a little more "fun" rather than "formal".

I added a small chain to the back so that I could adjust the length of the necklace if desired.

I used pretty basic "necklace crafting technique" and just put in a little more time and patience to create the layers.

A helpful hint: When you tie knots at the ends when you are attaching the strands from one latch to another- after tying several knots to secure the beading- Cut off the excess clear string and use a lighter to burn the very tip of the string so that it shrivels up and creates a small lump of melted plastic.  This helps to secure the knot from slipping loose as well as from creating an itchy point.  Don't get the fire too close (you only need to hold it near -not directly on)- or it will burn more than desired and snap some of the base knots as well.

* * *

If this is a little over your head, Stephanie (she is known as Stevie) can give you more details! Just shoot her an email (sschlessman at gmail dot com) and she can chat with you more about it!