Real Wedding: Dagney and Michael
May 29, 2009
New England

Now on to the AMAZING (and by amazing, I mean...holy cow, I can't believe this is a real wedding amazing) wedding of Dagney and Michael that took place this past May at the Oxford Airport. The incredible team at Robert and Kathleen Photographers, along with the fabulous planner Candice Dowling of Jubilee Events helped to bring this beautiful wedding to fruition and I have to say, I am swooning.

A man in uniform, a vintage airline hanger, a bride that is as gorgeous as she is chic. Does it get any better?

aviation themed wedding

Before we get into the wedding details, I have to share Dagney & Michael’s Engagement Story (from Robert and Kathleen)...

Dagney grew up up loving planes. From air shows with her Dad, to taking up flying herself, aviation has always been a passion for her. When it came to finding someone to spend the rest of her life with, it goes without saying that he had to love flying too. That was one of the things eHarmony searched for when looking for her perfect match.   And there he was. Michael - an Army pilot, who loved flying (both helicopters and planes) just as much as he does. They hit it off right away. He knew she was the one, and he knew the perfect way to ask her to marry him. Dinner would follow the proposal, but the real magic would happen on the way there. What better way to get to dinner than for him to fly them both there? The flight was really the whole point of it all, of course, because up at 5,500 feet, he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

aviation themed wedding

The wedding just gets better and better, I swear. And both Robert and Kathleen AND Candice at Jubilee are stopping by to share all of the incredible details that they infused into this perfect event.