Real Wedding: Christy and Kirk
May 20, 2009
United States
Beach Weddings

There is just something about a seaside wedding that makes me happy. Obviously. The perfect setting, the natural, unfussy color palette, the crisp, clean style. Well, when I saw what the fabulous Karen Tran did, with this beach inspired affair, I swooned!

karen tran real wedding

Christy and Kirk were married this past April in San Diego at the Hotel Del Cornado. They wanted a dreamy, but chic style with a subtle Nantucket flair. Since they had a grand total of 8 guests, they were able to splurge a bit with the flowers and decor. And in a word, it was stunning. The planning was done by the hugely talented Emily Smiley.

All of the amazing photographs were shot by Shannon Lott...who seemed to capture the sophisticated, fabulously chic style to perfection. Love, love, love everything about this wedding. And the reception, well. Let's just say that it only gets better from here!