Real Wedding: Alissa and Ryan, II
May 18, 2009
United States

Before we get into all of the gorgeous details from today's featured wedding, here are a few special touches that the photographer, Jose Villa captured...

lisa vorce real wedding

Lisa Vorce, the incredible designer behind the day, imagined a wedding that is as beautiful as they come. Worn, vintage church pews as seating for the ceremony, an organic, incredibly tactile altar, touches of romance and luxury, beauty and simplicity. Sigh. Absolutely lovely.

lisa vorce real wedding

From Lisa...As the guests made their way to the dinner reception - they passed through an unexpected display of lanterns and tumbleweeds! Alissa's mother had seen tumbleweeds used in a window display a few years ago...and thought it would be that perfect quirky element for Alissa and Ryan to incorporate into their wedding. Apparently April is "tumbleweed season" in Texas -- so Alissa's father lovingly shipped 15 hand picked tumbleweeds from their ranch in Texas. Mindy and I were SO excited to incorporate them. We hung them "chandelier-style" using velvet "scrunchies" at the entrance to the dinner reception. Mindy also incorporated the smaller ones into her tablescape on the dinner tables. They were so beautiful next to her just-picked-from-the-garden centerpieces, and had such special meaning for everyone.

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