Sneak Peek: Chewing the Cud
May 12, 2009

I am sure that a lot of you already know that the National Stationery Show is coming up in the next few days. For paper people, this is the end all be all of design...with great new companies debuting their wares, classic companies featuring new and exciting products, letterpress and engraving that would make any bride now, more than ever, extensions of paper like packaging ideas and even fabrics.

Well, Chewing the Cud is one of those companies that you just KNOW is going to do something great. And lucky for us, Viola is giving us a sneak peek at one of her new pieces of perfection.

chewing the cud

This is Viola's fabulous new reusable organic cotton gift wrap!! Printed on 100% organic cotton fabric with soy based inks, each one is designed as gesture of giving: GIVE LUCK. GIVE LOVE. GIVE WISDOM...perfect to use as table linens, napkins, favors, bridal party gifts, anything really.

chewing the cud

From Viola...

"I've always believed that the gift presentation should be as thoughtful as the gift itself. The inspiration came from the Japanese furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth used to transport clothing, food and gifts. We infused meaning into each style with graphics that speaks to the idea of giving. The "Give Luck" wrap is designed with symbols of good luck, such as the 4-leaved clover and elephants. In another style, tree illustrations become the metaphor for giving wisdom—the perfect choice for wrapping books. Beyond the graphics, these gift-wraps are a wonderful option for wrapping odd-shaped gifts and an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wrapping paper."

LOVE, love, love.