Wedding Invitations by Mika78
May 8, 2009

More invitation cost saving tips from the FABULOUS Mimi Woo of Mika78!

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Dilemma #3: I want ceremony programs, but I can’t afford them.

Solution: Order letterpressed labels instead of the entire program cover.

program covers

Letterpress escort sized cards with all your ceremony information instead of printing larger size program covers.  I’m working with a client now who’s doing this to save on costs.  We’re purchasing a variety of different printed paper to use as the cover and sewing the labels on to the front.  We can even letterpress the labels onto sticky paper, so all you have to do is stick them on.  This is a great way to incorporate letterpress, at a fraction of the cost.  It also has a great, handmade quality it!

Dilemma #4: I want to order escort cards, but I can’t fit it into my budget.

Solution: Moo cards!

moo cards

I’m a big fan of Moo cards...the possibility of these are endless.  Moo is a printing company where you can upload photos or designs directly from your computer.  You can get really creative with these since you can have a different design on each card in the 100-pack box.  I love the Mini Cards since they’re such a fun, cute size... Especially for escort cards!  And at $19.99 for 100, you can’t go wrong!

moo cards

One of my favorite uses of Moo Cards from Kelly & Terrell’s wedding shot by White Box Weddings. These were for Save the Dates, but they can work just as well for escort cards, don’t you think?

I hope these tips are helpful when trying to budget your stationery items!  I always tell my friends and clients: choose 2 or 3 things that you can’t live without for your wedding and go for it!  The important part is to balance your budget and take from the areas that you can do without.

For me, photography and music were my top 2 items I did not want to budge on, so I made it a point to get a less expensive dress and have the wedding on Sunday to make up for it.  It’s the same thing with stationery, you just have to find creative ways to make it all work!  At the end of the day, what’s most important is celebrating your new life together with family and friends.. but saving a little money along the way doesn’t hurt either!!!

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More to come from Mimi Woo of Mika78 and Seven Eight!