Invitation Cost Cutting Tips by Mika78
May 8, 2009

We are chatting with Mimi Woo of Mika78 today all about invitation cost cutting tips...innovative and creative ways to get the letterpress you've always dreamed of without completely breaking the bank. Love that!

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Solution #2: Order RSVP postcards or have guests RSVP on your wedding website

rsvp postcard

A lot of couples are choosing to forgo the RSVP cards in order to save on costs AND save on paper (love that!).  RSVP postcards are a great option because you don’t have to purchase printed envelopes or even envelopes at all!  Also, postcard stamps are 28 cents vs 44 cents to send an envelope (it’s a small savings, but everything adds up and it’s great to save where you can!).

rsvp postcard

One of my clients wanted their guests to RSVP on their wedding website, but wanted to include a little something for their guests as a reminder.  We decided to make RSVP bookmarks and guests really loved them.  Not only was it functional, but it was something that set their invites apart from the rest (and saved money – woo-hoo!).

Dilemma #2: I’d love 2 colors, but I can only afford 1 color.

Solution: Get a “wash”!

Use one color on your invites and another color on your reply cards.  With Mika78, you’ll pay a small “wash” fee ($50).  With letterpress, inks are laid on paper one at a time; so when you order a 2-color invitation, it has to go through the press 2 times (that’s why 2 color is more expensive, it’s more time and labor).  With Mika78, if you order invites in 1 color and rsvp cards in a 2nd color, it’s still considered a 1-color design since each piece is only going through the press once.  Another solution to this is to get your invites printed in 2 colors and your RSVP cards in 1 color.

Solution #2: Order colored envelopes

colored envelopes

Order your invitation set in 1 color, but use colored envelopes to add the second color!

I have plenty more tips to share with you, so check back soon!