Panoramic Wedding Films ~ An Innovative Option
May 4, 2009

In addition to capturing powerful documentary-style wedding films, Jensen Wedding Films also offers cinematic Love Stories, Super 8mm films, and incredible same-day highlights of your wedding which are projected at the reception. However, Mike and his incredible team don't stop there! They also offer an incredible new option ... stunning Virtual Reality panoramic movies!

The images below are flattened versions of the fullscreen Panoramic images. To view the full panoramic films, keep reading!

Jensen Wedding Films

from Mike ...

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Hans Nyberg's spectacular 2004 360º  QTVR panoramas of the Royal Danish Wedding. I was spellbound by the detail and the sheer immersiveness of the medium. I also realized that my beautiful brides and grooms would benefit from this technology. A photographer friend heard that I was getting into Panography and referred me to a large condominium builder that need Quicktime panoramas of all their buildings. That job paid for my equipment! I have now created over 30 of these spectacular 'movies' for our clients. Creating panoramas is addicting! We probably break even on what we charge our clients, but they have been a great creative outlet. I never, ever thought I would put down my beloved video camera for a still camera with a panoramic lens.

We have THREE examples of these amazing panoramas to show you today.

Click directly on EACH of the images below to see the full 360º PANORAMIC EFFECT!

Kulaya & Nines' reception at the Old Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco ~ bouquet toss ... {click HERE or on the image}

Jensen Films ~ Sacramento Wedding Video

Carrie & Ross' pano at the Del Paso Country Club, Sacramento ... {click HERE or on the image}

Jensen Films ~ Sacramento Wedding Video

A gorgeous wedding ceremony overlooking the Sierra Nevada's ... {click HERE or on the image}

Jensen Films ~ Sacramento Wedding Video

Mike Jensen has mastered this new and very unique art ... the art of wedding panography. These wide-angle photos are composed of several individual images that are then stitched together ... digitally. When all the photos are assembled, they give the impression that you would get by standing in one place, turning 360º... and seeing everything from one vantage point. Very cool! Very new!

You know we are HUGE wedding cinematography advocates ... and now, Jensen Wedding Films has a new bullet in their arsenal of options. For more info on this newest technology, as well as clips from all the other options they offer, take a look at their website and blog!