Ask Abby: Altar Decor
May 4, 2009

Here is question two, coming from Elizabeth...

Q. I am getting married in September and have NO IDEA what to do for decorations at the altar area of our ceremony. I dont really have a theme yet... kinda rustic chic, I guess... I  have a vintage lace tea length dress, and our centerpieces are white hydrangeas in mason jars and small potted herbs that double as favors. We are trying to work within a small budget and are interested in eco-friendly ideas.

Here's a picture of the inside of the chapel and altar area.  We'll have a table behind us, as well as the mantle that you see in the picture.

Any ideas for Elizabeth? Eco-Chic, while being simple and budget friendly?

A. For some reason, all I can see is baby's breath. After one of our comments mentioned it, I just totally envision two huge baby's breath arrangements on either side of the altar (or smaller arrangements lined along the top) with hanging votives from the mantle. Hydrangeas would be incredible too. I also think that pillar candles of varying sizes glowing inside the fireplace would be lovely.

organic chic

photos by Bastian + Skoog, Handmade Weddings and Fringe

I also REALLY love the tall topiary ideas...very, very chic.