Emmy & Aron Give Back To New Orleans!
April 29, 2009
By: eddye
Spring Weddings

Sometimes ... (well, maybe most of the time) ... I struggle for the right words to start a feature. But today, the word that immediately popped into my mind was "ethereal". The play of the light streaming throughout these images can only be described as ethereal ...

Casey Cunningham Photography

Aron is soooo handsome and Emmy is just about the most radiant bride I've ever seen! The sunshine striking her parasol and saturating her skin gives her that glow that we all long for  ...

After all the months of planning, the look on her face is what it's ALL about!

casey cunningham

Emmy and Aron were married in New Orleans at the end of March. A true southern REAL SPRING wedding!!

Megan, with the Casey Cunningham Photography sent us Emmy and Aron's story ... it's so VERY heart-warming ...

Being from opposite sides of the U.S. (Aron grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emmy grew up in the Midwest), having met in Boston, and having friends all over the world, Emmy and Aron struggled with where to hold their wedding. They consider Washington DC their home now but travel to the gulf coast and New Orleans quite a bit. Through their many visits while Aron has helped to finance the recovery of the city, they witnessed a unique spirit of hope and rejuvenation.

They came to realize that many of the elements essential to building a great city reflect those of building a great marriage: communication, collaboration, patience, faith, and enduring love. This realization, coupled with the desire to put money back into the city, solidified their decision to hold their wedding in the beautiful New Orleans area. Not only did two Yankees hold their wedding in the deep south ... transforming Emmy into an elegant southern bride ... but they also incorporated the Lutheran and Jewish faiths into their ceremony.  Both a Rabbi and Lutheran minister were present for their vows.

Emmy and Aron fell in love with Houmas House and all of the towering oak trees and Spanish moss; this was their great starting point for design inspiration. Their ceremony took place under the “Cathedral of Oaks” on the front lawn with the reception immediately following on the back lawn. Timing was everything for this couple, making sure the sun cascaded beautiful shadows during the ceremony.

Afterwards, the guests were treated to a walking tour through the bottom floor of the majestic house while they made their way out back. Upon walking through the kitchen, Emmy and Aron treated their guests to a taste of  New Orleans with a cup of butternut squash and corn soup!

Casey Cunningham

Casey Cunningham

Casey and Andrea Cunningham have a distinct knack for capturing the very essence of EVERY wedding they shoot. No, that's not quite right. They capture the very essence of the people they film. They may be on the outskirts of the activities ... at times, you won't even know they're there ... but their brides and grooms are at the center of their being.

Casey Cunningham,

Random Acts Of Beauty ... Casey and Andrea's pledge to all their couples ... to capture those special moments that this very day is all about.

Casey Cunningham

... to tell their story with images, almost to the point that words are unnecessary ...

Casey Cunningham

Casey CunninghamI

I mean,  I feel their joy ... don't you? And what better way to end a wedding day ... than strolling down the streets of New Orleans with a sparkler in one hand and your honey in the other!

Thanks to ALL for sharing the day ... Andrea and Casey ~ you're the best!