Centerpiece Ideas by Calluna Events
April 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks so much for all of the birthday well wishes...we had a great time, just hanging out at home, eating WAY too much chocolate and doing a little too much of nothing. Perfect way to kick off an all new decade.

We have kind of a hodge podge of stuff for you today, which is sometimes the best way to do it. A little something for everyone. First up, some really simple, but gorgeous centerpiece ideas that Calluna Events put together...

centerpiece ideas

There is something so organically beautiful about the simplicity of these flowers. They are gorgeous enough to suit any wedding style and they are easy enough to do yourself! Here are some tips from Heather at Calluna Events...

These centerpieces can be as inexpensive (think carnations) or expensive (think orchids) as you want to make them. The only other cost is your vase which you can usually rent from a florist or purchase from a craft store such as Michaels. Flowers can be purchase in bulk from your local florist ahead of time. Once you get the flowers you just need to “process” them which just means to trim the excess leaves, thorns and bad stems off, cut the flowers stems down to the size that looks best for vase and plop them in. This is typically called “chop & plop” in the floral world.

So fun, so pretty! Oh and check out the new Calluna Events blog...filled with eye candy!