Real Wedding: Anna and James
April 22, 2009
Australia & South Pacific

We are FINALLY back to work, after spending two days in the Charlotte airport because of a cancelled flight. But, the wedding in Charleston more than made up for the hassle, as my sister-in-law put together a pretty incredible, almost completely handmade affair. Can't wait to show it off when the pics come in!

We have the most spectacular wedding to share with you today. Lauri Levenfeld of Zoom Photography in San Francisco, always sends us the coolest affairs, but this one just might top the cake. Shot in New Zealand, the couple infused their day with such beauty, such unbelievably lovely touches, with romance and pure love around every corner.

Before we get to the wedding though, I wanted to show you some of these amazing shots that Lauri captured just before...

new zealand

I mean, how beautiful are these? A sheep farm. They actually got to take pictures on a New Zealand sheep farm. Pretty incredible! Stay tuned to see how gorgeous the actual wedding turned out to be!