Real Wedding : Anna and James, VII
April 22, 2009
Australia & South Pacific

My favorite weddings are the ones where you can actually see the joy. You can feel it when you look at the pictures, you can imagine it within every corner of the affair. This one is just that. Pure and utter joy...filled with so much style and grace I can hardly contain myself.

lauri levenfeld zoom photography real wedding new zealand

Here is what the bride had to say about our own Little Black Book photography, Lauri Levenfeld...

"As well as being one of our closest friends, Lauri is a fantastic photographer of people and human emotion.  Her natural eye for capturing the most important moments in peoples’ lives is remarkable.  Since Lauri was the ONLY photographer we wanted to shoot our wedding, we bribed her to flying more than 12 hours by taking both Lauri and her lovely husband Greg to New Zealand with us for the wedding!  While it’s fair to say I was never a “Bridezilla-type” bride, we were super relaxed about every other vendor EXCEPT our photographer.  We wouldn’t settle for anyone other than Lauri.  We wanted Lauri’s unique eye because Lauri elevates everything she shoots!  Looking back at Lauri’s incredible pictures, we get to re-live the greatest week of our lives over and over again".

lauri levenfeld zoom photography real wedding new zealand

So much more to come!!