Save The Date ~ Fiore Films Style
April 16, 2009
By: eddye
Tri State

We know that everyone is looking for something new ... something just a tad bit different from the norm. Right?

We LOVE it when we can show you something that ... we'd be willing to bet .... no one else has done! Do we have your attention yet?

Sharrone Calafiore is a film-maker with pizzaz! Lots of edgy ideas and tons of fresh films in her collection. Today's "Save The Date" is just one of her brilliant ideas.

from Sharrone ...

Sivanne came in from NC solo for a three day fitting at Kleinfeld. I thought what a perfect opportunity to create a unique Save The Date! Rather than the usual ... bride and groom walking in the park blah blah blah ... I thought ... It's all about the bride and her dress!

Couldn't agree more. Without further ado, a new take on a Sivanne & Omer's Save The Date from Fiore Films ...

The photographs (above) were taken by the incredible Spencer Lum, principal photographer for 5 West Studios, who just happens to be working on "Labors of Love," a photography book about the preparation and planning behind the American wedding. Can't wait to see the finished product!

~ ~ ~

Unfortunately, but for totally obvious reasons, we can't show you Sivanne's final choice. (But believe us when we tell you it's "the one"!)

~ ~ ~

Fiore Films has very unique and out-of-the box ideas for those of you who are ready to take the plunge and do something different!

You can see some recent examples in their THEATRE of wedding shoots as well as their edgier, a little more Hmmmmmm passionate work. Seriously, take a look!

Thanks Sharrone! You know this means we get first dibs on the wedding, right!?