Real Wedding by Andreas...
April 6, 2009
North America

It's official. I am a little bit in love with Andreas and a lot in love with his gorgeous work. A huge thank you to him for spending the day with us and showing us what it means to be a great photographer. But, I couldn't leave you for the day without a few of the coveted full color images from today's featured wedding that we love so much here on SMP!

andreas photography

From Andreas...

The ceremony was held by the family pond, and over 100 guests were seated for the ceremony. About four minutes in, the clouds started gathering. This wasn't any ordinary rainfall though. We all saw the dark clouds and felt the damp wind, and I think we all thought it would hold off from slamming us for at least the duration of the ceremony, but it came down so quickly and with such force that basically everyone got soaked in about 30 seconds.

All 100+ guests ran to the reception tents which were still being set up and waited there as the bride and groom decided what to do. They chose to go ahead with a tented ceremony, however the clouds parted and the plans changed yet again! So, we huddled together under crab apple trees with umbrellas out just in case it rained again, and the ceremony began. I think that was probably the best decision they made that day because it was very cute, romantic and intimate. Both families were standing together about 8 feet from the couple as they exchanged vows, and wouldn't you know it, just as they kissed it came down again with an intensity I have not since seen! At that point, the bride was no longer upset, and the guests could not care less about their wet suits or dresses - it was a really, really nice wedding! The rain didn't stop until 3am that night, so the rest of the evening was spent sitting in the tent. We did manage to get into the barn next to the tents where they had their first dance under candlelit chandeliers, and that was a nice finale to the day.

I love what I do, and love working with couples that love the art that I produce for them, so it ends up being a win-win situation for everyone.

* * *

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