Black and White Photography by Andreas, III
April 6, 2009
North America

More from the INCREDIBLE's so hard to find a photographer that is as gracious, as talented and as true to his own voice as Andreas. So, now, he is giving us a few tips for finding and working with a photographer in your area.


As a photographer, do you have any advice for brides who are looking to get fine art style photographs from their wedding?

There are a LOT of photographers out there these days, and the number of photographers shooting weddings is growing.  It's hard to differentiate styles of images between so many photographers these days, so I feel for the couples out there - it's confusing, especially if you have don't have  an arts background. It's hard to find a photographer that really stands out.  In Toronto there are many, many photographers yet only about 3 photographers that really stand out as truly unique, with an original and consistent look to their work.  However, one piece of advice that I give all couples that ask that sort of question is this: When reviewing portfolios of photographers, if you find images on a site that stop you in your tracks then book that photographer. Art is so personal and subjective, what I may think of as average may knock someones socks off, and in the end, that's what matters.  So, my advice would be to pick by your initial reaction to their art.  I think that meeting your photographer is an  important part of the process as well, but I don't think it's crucial.

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