Real Wedding: Ana and Kevin
March 31, 2009
United States

I have been DYING to share this wedding with you since the moment it came into my inbox. Anytime that I get a wedding from Docuvitae in Los Angeles, I know that it's going to be a keeper. There is something so artistic, so completely captivating about their photographs, with emotion and beauty seeming to radiate from each image.

Before we dive into the details though, you have to see this amazing venue that the couple chose...

docuvitae real wedding

From the lovely Rebecca and Jenny of Docuvitae...

Ana and Kevin's wedding took place at Marvimon in downtown Los Angeles.  Marvimon is a renovated industrial workspace that has been carefully updated into an extraordinary venue, gallery space and home for its owners.  Another AMAZING thing about Marvimon, it's one of the greenest, most eco-friendly venues in LA.  They provide great detail about their 'greenness' on their website. Their staff is a dream to work with and their built-in décor and readily available furnishings help save their clients a ton of money.

So much more to come!