DIY Project: Photo Books
March 30, 2009
DIY Inspired
Our next DIY is just too cute. They are perfect for really meaningful bridesmaids gifts, too which I love. Plus, the bride has a great way to cut down the labor involved if you want to make a photo book for each guest. So personal, so sweet.

DIY favors

From the lovely bride...instead of calling each girl on the phone to invite her to be part of my big day, I wanted to find a way to show her how much she means to me and why I want her to be a part of my wedding.  So, I collected photos of me with each bridesmaid over the course of our friendship…and put them together in a little handmade book.  Then, on the last page, I wrote a note telling the lovely lady why she’s so amazing… and asking her to be my bridesmaid.  The first received hers in the mail yesterday, and called me crying.  I was so touched that she was so touched!

My plan for the wedding is to make one booklet for each guest.  To minimize the work (since we’ll be having over 150 guests), I plan to create one version for all of the guests at a particular table.  So, since my college friends will all be at the same table, I’ll find pictures of all of us together and include the same 3-4 photos of the group in each guest’s book.  Our wedding isn’t just about us; it’s a celebration of all of the wonderful people in our life.  We plan to
celebrate not only the future but also the past.

My fiancé has been battling cancer for the last 2 years and everyone in our life has been so amazingly supportive.  We want everyone at our wedding to know how very important they all are to us… and how important they have been throughout our lives.  We are both so excited to see people’s reactions when they see the photos!  We know it will be a nice surprise and lots of fun.  This way, everyone feels connected to us and a part of the day.  We hope it will be a day of happiness and love.  One the last page of the book, Kevin and I will write a nice ‘thank you” to the guests for sharing our special day.

DIY favors

Posterboard (Or heavy-stock paper)
Adhesive (glue stick or rubber cement)
Bone folder
Pretty pens
Photos of friends & family

Note:  I chose to make these books square, 5”x”5 and with 4 pages each.  Of course, you can choose your dimensions.  Just plan and adjust measurements accordingly.


1.    Cut a length of poster board to 5” high by 20” wide-- this allows (4) 5” pages.  Mark the poster board in 5” increments along the 20” side.
2.    Using the bone folder, crease the poster board every 5”, folding the board in alternating directions to create an accordion fold.
3.    Using adhesive, cover each “page” of the booklet with decorative paper.  I used several patterns in each booklet, all with coordinating colors.  I also found it easier to cut the paper to 5”x5” and attach to each page individually; this allows the booklet to fold much more easily if the seams are free to bend. (I covered both sides of the poster board b/c it looks prettier when the booklet is open and standing on a table).
4.    Mount photos onto the first 3 inside pages, using adhesive.  Note: I used color copies of the photos on regular paper to save money.  If you are using photos printed on photo paper, I would recommend mounting the photos using photo corners.
5.    Attach a personal note (written on stationery or printed) from the bride & groom to the last page using the adhesive.
6.    Cut a length of ribbon about 15” long.  With the booklet closed, center ribbon around booklet and attach with adhesive to front cover. Wrap around back and tie in bow at open seam.
7.    Using a square of decorative paper and a pretty pen, write the initial of the guest on the paper and attach to the front cover of the booklet with adhesive.

Viola!  You have a great memento of the day and of your relationship with your guest!