DIY Project: Flavored Sea Salt
March 30, 2009
DIY Inspired
This is a bit of a variation on the Spice Jar favors that we featured last week, featuring flavored sea sat and some pretty great packaging to go along with it!

DIY favors

Here is the breakdown...

DIY favors

Kosher salt/ Sea Salt (or a mix, your preference)
2 Tangerines, zested
1 Lemon, zested

lemon grater
food processor

Ramekins/small dishes
Small spoons
Glass Spice Jars
1/2 pint cardboard berry containers
paper fill
Ribbon thick and thin
circle tags
Paint chips

1. For every 3 cups of salt, you'll need to zest 2 tangerines and 1 lemon. Let the zest dry on your cutting board or a paper towel for 15 minutes.

2. Place zest and salt in your food processor and pulse until the color is uniform.

3. Funnel into your mixture into your jars.

4. To label the jar I used circular key tags, and tied them on with thin ribbons.

5. Because of the casual nature of our backyard wedding I'm holding the dish, spoon and jar with a strawberry container from the farmers market. You can buy them in bulk online, or j-just buy some off of your local farmer (or they might just give you them!)

6. Arranged the dish, jar of salt and spoon in the box with some white paper fill to cushion them.

7. Then I tied the whole thing up with a ribbon and made a tag from some paint chips from the hardware store, crafting scissors, and a hole puncher.*

That's it! Pretty simple, and I guarantee your guests will actually USE this favor! I use it all the time, and it's a mainstay at the top of my stove. I put a little tangerine salt to finish off my poultry and fish dishes. I pinch my salt, but I include a spoon for those not comfortable touching their salt while cooking.

*if you want to double side your tag with two colors, rubber cement two chips together and then cut out the tag.

Ramekins/Small Dishes, Small Spoons, Glass Spice Jars at Fishs and Eddy. Cardboard Berry Containers from local farm stand or in bulk from Break Room Supplies), Paper Fill and Circle Tags from Container Store (you can also get glass spice jars here), ribbon featured here by Kate's Paperie, Pain Chips from any hardware store.