DIY Project: Farewell Bells
March 30, 2009
DIY Inspired
I am madly in love with this next project, crafted by Kathleen of Twig & Thistle. She always comes up with such innovative projects, but this one in particular is not only charming, it's incredibly easy!

DIY favors

Here are the step-by-step instructions...

DIY favors


Small Hand Bells
Color Printer
Card Stock
X-acto Knife


Step 1: Download Bell Labels and Sign here (Include PDFs) and print onto white paper and card stock as directed. Trim out each label with an x-acto knife ruler and self-healing cutting mat. You can also download the green labels or gray labels.

Step 2: Once the tags have been cut out, snip half way in on either side where indicated by black line. wrap tag around bell handle and secure by interlocking slots.

Step 3: Secure sign in a decorative clip and display!

Here is the finished product...

DIY favors

Resource: Small Hand Bells can be found at Hanson Ellis or Price Wise Favors.

* * *