DIY Project: Custom Seed Packs
March 30, 2009
DIY Inspired
Love this next one. Love all of them actually, but this one is especially sweet because the bride and groom really looked to their own lives to find favors that they could make and share with their guests.

DIY favors

From the bride...My name is Trish and my fiancé is Luke. and we came up with an idea to do a seed packet and matching pot for our wedding favor. He is an assistant superintendent at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Last summer they held the PGA championship at his course and he got the opportunity to work with such a prestigious event. The golf course is one of the top courses in the country and therefore they have their very own type of grass seed. So we decided to give our guest their very own sample of Oakland Hills Bent grass, something that he is very proud of. Since I’m a graphic designer I got to design the seed packet, which I enjoyed very much also. So our favor is a combination of something we both enjoy.

DIY favors

White card stock
Small terra-cotta pot
Seeds of your choice
Spray paint
Double sided tape
Scissors/Paper Cutter
All supplies were found at Michael's Crafts

1. We first started out by creating the seed packet design. I basically looked over other packets to get the dimensions. Our packet ended up being about 3” x 4”. I have attached the seed packet template for anyone that would like to use it.

2. Once the packet is finished we printed it on a white card stock, but any color works also. Cut it out.

3. Fold the packet up and use double sided tape to seal the edges. Leave the top open to put seeds inside. Once the seeds are inserted seal the top edge so those seeds can’t fall out.

4. On a covered surface spray paint the terra cotta pot, upside down, whichever color you choose. Let dry for 30 minutes. Set the pot right side up and spray the top and inside as well. Let dry for another 30 minutes.

5. Once everything is dry, you can wrap a ribbon around the pot for decoration.

6. Let your friends and family watch their new flowers, or in our case golf course, grow!

The beauty of this favor is how many ways there are to customize it. You could put seeds in for the flowers that are used at the wedding or any flower that holds particular significance for your relationship. You can also decorate the pot in any way that correlates with your wedding. Ours happens to be a black and gold theme, but if your having a rustic theme your could even leave the pots the original terra cotta color.