DIY Project: Mini Backgammon
March 30, 2009
I hope everyone had a great weekend! We have one more fun-filled day of DIY Projects and I am certain that you'll find even more DIY inspiration for your own wedding. This project is so unexpected, so completely original!

DIY favors

DIY Mini Backgammon Favour...(from the crafter). This entry was inspired by my love of board games.  Favourite thing ever; Friday nights with friends, board games, many bottles of wine, and even more laughs.

DIY favors


-Small wood box (bought at Dollarama, a Canadian doller store)
-Double sided tacky tape (bought at Michael's)
-X-acto knife
-Cutting mat and ruler
-Ink jet printer
-Cardstock paper in 2 colours (Michael's)
-Pen or Marker
-Buttons in 2 colours (Dollarama)
-Dice (Dollarama)


-Cut first sheet of paper to fit the bottom of the box.
-Using the contrasting paper, cut triangles for the backgammon board (this example the triangles were 1/2" wide at the bottom)
-Attach the triangles, as shown, with double-sided tape
-Use a pen/marker, in a matching colour, to draw in the remaining triangles.
-Attach board to bottom of box using double-sided tape*
-Print out label for the outside and inside top of the box.* (this example I designed using Photoshop, but it could easily be done using a Word basd program, or you could use pre-made labels/stencils/stamps.)
-Cut out labels, and contrast, and attach using double-sided tape
-Using contrast paper, cut out small envelope, which will be used to store buttons.
-Score where envelope is to be folded. Fold, and secure with tape. (I chose to make the envelope so it would match my colour theme, but could also have used pre-made mini envelopes)
-Attach envelope to inside top of box with tape.

*To save time for mass production for an actual wedding favour, I would laser copy the original backgammon board as well as the top of box label, which would cut out many of the initial steps and save time.

* * *

I also love this idea for grooms gifts!