DIY: Photo Coasters
March 30, 2009
DIY Inspired
These are really similar to the coasters that we featured just a bit ago...but a more personal approach! Such a great gift for those that love you!

DIY favors

From the bride...Custom Photo coasters are a great favor for any size wedding. Depending on your budget you can choose how many coasters you’d like to include. They are environmentally friendly because your guests will re-use them in their home for years on end, rather than throwing them away, like so many favors. If you have a photo booth at your wedding, what a great way to tie in that theme – along with your save-the-date cards and even your thank you cards after the fact. Here is the breakdown and instructions...

DIY favors


Photo Coasters
Home Printer & Photo Paper


1.    Print Photos of your choice on your home computer in color or black and white. For this project , we chose a theme: “Our Firsts”: First Date, First Kiss, The Engagement and The Wedding and we chose each picture to go along with those firsts.

2.    Using a word processing computer program we crafted tags for the favors and appropriately sized text boxes to tell our story on the back of each coaster. We chose captions that matched our theme, “The Snapshot: Take 1.”

3.    Using a cut-out template to size the photos appropriately to fit in the coasters, cut out each photo and photo story.

4.    Fit each photo in each coaster. Depending on your budget you could choose to do just one, two, three or all four coasters.

5.    Tape the story to the back of the coaster and stack them in chronological order.

6.    Tie them together with a ribbon of your choice that matches your wedding colors or theme.

7.    Tie the tag in with the ribbon that has your wedding emblem, a cute caption and your names and wedding date. Again, we crafted these with “Picture Perfect” to go along with the theme.