DIY Project: Violet Petals
March 27, 2009
DIY Inspired

It's Day three (and the last day) of our DIY contest! We have so many great projects for you to devour today...from send off bells to custom bottles of bbq, each is completely unique and completely fabulous. First up, are these crystallized petals of violets crafted by Julie...

diy project

Here is the breakdown and instructions...

diy project favors

I am a future bride from Toulouse, France. We'll marry on May the 9th in Tarbes, a town near Pyrénées, and we have are using purple and anise green as our wedding colors. For favors, we choose crystallised petals of violets because it is a specialty from Toulouse and we wanted our families to discover it!


- The required number of square pots of glass with cork stopperI

- Some raffia

- A label with your names and wedding date printed on it (you can use microsoft word to set these up and just print them on heavy weight card stock, punching a hole in the top left corner.

- Some petals of crystallized violets and bags of crystallized pinks for variation in color


1.  1. Buy square pots of glass with cork stopper from (I bought them for a total of 115€ for 150 square pots and they offered me the shipping costs)

2.  2. Filled them with petals of crystallized violets and bays of crystallized pinks (I got them in Un décor se crée ’s shop, crystallized violets are about 80€ the kilo, and crystallized pinks about 20€ the kilo)

3.  3. Using a perforator, punch a hole in the corner of the label and pass the raffia in it

4.  4. Then, roll up the raffia around the pot and put the label on the front


* * *

Some of you are probably wondering what the American equivalents are of the pricing and of course, where to buy these products domestically. If you are are interested, leave a comment and I will try to source them here. So much more to come!