DIY Project: Mini Bundt Cakes
March 27, 2009
DIY Inspired

Love these  little treats...and you KNOW your guests will to. There is just something great about receiving a homemade favor, one that you can devour on your way home and remember the sweetness of the day. So cute.

diy project favors

From the bride...I am getting married at my grandmother's house in Charleston, South Carolina. For both me and my fiance, it is really important to include our grandmothers' in our wedding. We both have a love for our grandmother's pound cake. And, they are both from the South, were pound cake is serious business.  So, for our wedding favors we thought giving everyone a miniature version of Grandma Mattie's pound cake would be perfect! Here's the process.


-mini fluted pan that makes 6 cakes ( I bought my from Michael's) You can also order them online at Amazon

-your favorite pound cake recipe (We used our Grandma Mattie's!)

-cake boxes found here

-double sided satin ribbon found here (Michael's sells the ribbon too, but you can get it in bulk online)

-stickers to seal the box (I made one using a design we are using throughout the wedding. I printed it on cream paper and then used a two inch paper circle cutter found at Michael's . I then ran the stickers through and Xyron machine. You could also just buy stickers and use those)

-Cards to stick inside the box. Our cards say thank your for sharing in our wedding day along with a note about why we were giving them pound cake.  Our cards are printed on cream paper and backed on black cardstock. The cream card is a 2.5 inch square. The black one is 2.75 inches.

-Double sided tape


1. Make the cake recipe as instructed. You could use a box cake or homemade. I made the cake recipe as instructed by Grandma Mattie. The recipe made 14 mini cakes.

2. While the cakes are baking assemble the boxes. I used 5 inch boxes, but you might be able to get away with 4 inch ones.

3. Once the boxes are assembled, stick a card on the inside top of each box.

4. Once the cakes cool sprinkle with powdered sugar. Then, put each cake in a box. I put the cakes on a piece of cardboard covered in foil, but it's not necessary. I also added lemon slices since our cake has lemon flavor, but again, that isn't necessary.

5. Close the box and seal it with a sticker in the middle.

6.  Cut about 4 feet of ribbon from your spool to wrap the box like a present. Wrap the box and tie the bow.

Overall, this is a pretty easy project. The most time consuming part is baking the cakes. It is definitely worth investing in a few pans to speed the process along. The boxes look great all wrapped up. Plus, it is a great tribute to our Grandma and our love of her cake!

YUM! So much more on the way!