DIY Project: Custom Flower Pots
March 27, 2009
DIY Inspired

This next project is SO versatile and forever elegant. I love that you can really put your own style stamp on this one!

diy project favors

From Cathy...A little background on my project~ CathysWraps ~  plastic pot & decorative sleeve combo was created to give my mother's plain yet versatile little pots a makeover. It adapts to hang flowers from church pews with Doey’s pew clip (invented by my mother, Doey, and used by florists for over 20 years) or from chairs with a ribbon. The lightweight arrangements are easily removed post-ceremony and transported to the reception, either to be placed on the tables as centerpieces or re-tied to chair backs before being given away as the wedding favors.

diy project favors


Potted Plants or Fresh Flowers

Pebbles or Floral Foam

CathysWraps Vase

CathysWraps Coordinating Tag & Ribbon

2 1/2Ó Diameter Labels

Doey's Pew Clip or A Favorite Ribbon

Hole Punch

Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Personalize Tag - Begin by creating the artwork for the tag. This may be a photo, artwork from your invitations, your a monogram or special message created on your computer. This monogram was created in Adobe Illustrator and printed onto a sheet of 2 1/2Ó diameter labels by Avery (template #5294). After creating the artwork, print and place the label onto the blank side of the tag. Re-punch the tag's opening, pop open a perforated hole on the sleeve and tie on with the satin ribbon.

Add Flowers - For plants, simply transplant into the cathyswraps pot, adding a few pebbles for drainage. For flowers, cut a piece of ßoral foam to roughly 2.5 x 3 inch and taper bottom, soak, add to pot and arrange ßowers.

Add Decorative Sleeve - To form the sleeve face the pattern you've chosen away from you and bring the ends towards you, slip one tab behind the matching pattern on the opposite side and slide in place to close. Gently nestle the pot of flowers into the sleeve.

If you'd like to use them as wedding aisle decorations and centerpieces just add a pew clip or a favorite ribbon. The 

lightweight arrangements are easily removed post-ceremony and transported to the reception, either to be placed on the tables as centerpieces or re-tied to the chair backs, BEFORE being given away as wedding party favors.

To hang the vases

For Church Pews - Open the pre-punched T shapes in CathysWraps decorative sleeve. Form sleeve, nestle pot into sleeve, match openings and insert Doey's pew clip. Add flowers and slip the pew clip handle over the pew. Simply 

remove the pew clip and transport to the reception. Doey's pew clips stretch up to a 2 1/2 inch pew.

For Chairs & Shepherds Hooks
- Cut ribbon lengths to determine the length of the ribbon measure the distance the vase will hang and double, leave a little extra to tie the knots.

Nestle pot into decorative sleeve and punch two holes thru the soft plastic pot with a hole punch using the perforated circles on the  sleeve as guides. Thread ribbon through both the pot and sleeve and knot on either the inside or the outside. Disguise any knots on the outside by gluing or wiring side bows over the knots. Arrange fowers. If made ahead, refrigerate, being careful to keep them out of  standing water. The sleeves are water resistant but not waterproof.

Supplies can be found here:

CathysWraps carries vases and coordinating tags along with the Doey's Pew Clips