DIY Project: Kid's Tins
March 26, 2009
DIY Inspired

These adorable favors are made especially for the kiddos. I love a reception that embraces children, but it's always great to have something to keep them busy!

diy project favors

Here are the instructions...

diy project favors

My hubby and I were just married 2/28/09 in a very cool, modern space in Brooklyn, NY.  We loved creating unique details that expressed our style and personalities for our wedding.  In lieu of favors, my hubby and I decided to contribute to International Justice Mission (, a charitable organization that is important to us.  However, I couldn’t resist creating something special for the VIPs (Very Important Pee-wees!)  We had about ten kids attend our wedding with their familes.  We wanted to give them some fun activities to keep them occupied during the reception and to take home and continue to enjoy later.  The kids loved them!


-Mini steel bucket

-Handmade coloring books

-Cardstock (I chose heavyweight light blue linen paper from that matched our programs and menus)

-White text paper




-Assorted age-appropriate toys (I bought mine from Daiso, a super home store that has most items for $1.50! 


Single hole punch

Paper cutter or scissors

Corner rounder punch (optional)


1. Fold sheet of cardstock and sheets of paper in half.  I chose to have six pages in my coloring book, so I used three sheets of paper.  You can add or subtract pages as you like. 

2. Create pages and cover.  Download free coloring book images from or  For six pages, you need 12 images.  Create a new document in Word.  Change the layout to “landscape” and create two columns (select “format”, then “columns” then “two”).  Place two images per page.  Print pages double sided.  I put our names and one of the images on the cardstock to make a cover. 

3. Assemble the book.  Stack the pages and cover in the desired order.  Punch two holes along the folds.  Stack the inside pages and cut 1/8 inch from the edge.  Put on the cover, string ribbon through the holes and tie the ribbon.  Round the corners on each page if you like.

Fill the bucket with the coloring books, crayons, and toys.  Pretty, fun, and done!

* * *

LOVE! If you aren't into DIY, you could just buy some inexpensive coloring books, rather than making your own. Both ideas are super cute and super useful!