DIY Project: Tea Tins
March 25, 2009
DIY Inspired

You are in for such a treat with this next's so professional, so expensive looking and yet it's really quite simple! Your guests will love it, I promise. Oh and it was designed by Jennifer at Pigweed Press...remember that fabulous wedding we featured a few weeks back?

diy project favors


2.6" Round Tin

Full Sheet Labels

Round Tea Bags

2" Hole Punch

X-Acto Knife

Straight edge

Healing Mat

Color Printer

Vellum Paper (optional)


The tea tin requires 2 labels: (a) 2" circle for the top AND (b) 6" x 1" rectangular to wrap around the side


1. Create artwork for the top and side labels. Since you have 2 areas to work with, the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind though - if the tin is sitting on a table - the tops will be more visible than the sides. Suggested: Put your name or initials on the top and the kind of tea on the sides.

Tips about preparing artwork for print: If your design has bleeds (artwork that flush with the edge of the label) make sure you extend your artwork past the "cutline." This allows you to avoid those pesky and unwanted white edges for when you trim the labels. Also, include cropmarks to guide you in cutting out the rectangular label.

diy project favors

2. Print out your designs - in color - onto the full sheet labels.

3. Using the 2" circle punch, punch out the circular labels for the lid. To ensure your punch is centered, turn it upside down so you can see the design and where you are punching.

4. Adhere the circular label to the center of the tin's lid.

5. With a straight edge and x-acto and using the cropmarks as guides, cut out your wrap labels.

diy project favors

7. Adhering the wrap label is a little trickier. Start in the center but allow the label to touch just enough so that it is barely sticking. This allows you to make adjustments so you can ensure the label is positioned squarely with the tin. Once straight, press the label from the center to its outer edges until it wraps all the way around.

8. Fill the tin with just enough tea bags (about 10 bags).

diy project favors

Optional...You can also include a round vellum insert to sit on top of the tea bags. This gives you another area to add artwork or information such as instructions on steeping the tea or a personal note from the bride and groom!

Here are some helpful resources....

2.6" Round Tin - Style #TND4

($0.80 at

Round Tea Bags - various flavors

($9.50 for 50 bags at

Hole Punch - Uchida Super Jumbo Circle 2"

($12.95 at

Labels - Avery 5165 (laser) / Avery 8465 (Inkjet)

($36.99 for 100 sheets at

* * *

I am MADLY in love with this's so completely chic and seems like such a luxury.