DIY Project: Spice Jar Favors
March 25, 2009
DIY Inspired

Crafted by the same designer who did the tea tins, these GORGEOUS spice jar favors are equally as lovely!

diy project favors

With this project, you create a very affordable favor that does double duty as a placecard holder (for about $2/favor). Fill the vials with spices that coordinate with the colors and/or theme of your wedding.


1. You will need to create artwork for the spice jar label and placecard. The keytag has two sides so take advantage of the extra space!

Tips about preparing artwork for print: If your design has bleeds (artwork that flush with the edge of the label) make sure you extend your artwork past the "cutline." This allows you to avoid those pesky and unwanted white edges for when you trim the labels.

diy project favors

2. Carefully fill each vial with the spice of your choice. Once you are finished, wipe down the outside of the vial to ensure you don't accidentally get any spices on your labels or placecards. Set aside.

3. Print out the labels - in color - onto the full sheet labels.

4.  Using the 1" circle punch, punch out the circular labels for the keytags. To ensure your punch is centered, turn it upside down so you can see the design and where you are punching.

diy project favors

5. Remove the jumpring that comes with the key tag. Adhere the circular labels to each side of the key tag. Using string or ribbon, tie the key tag to each glass vial. (You may need to repunch the hole for the string).

6. Using an x-acto knife, cut a slit across the middle of cork. This groove is for your placecard. Be sure the groove isn't too wide or narrow to ensure proper fit of the placecard. Place cork back onto the vial. Only add the placecard when you are ready to set the table, otherwise yoru placecard may get damaged during transport.

diy project favors

Here are some helpful resources for you to complete this project...

For spices, it is highly recommended that you buy in bulk to save on cost. The best variety is usually found online (such as or at a local specialty foods store but you can also find good but limited options at wholesale outlet such as Costco, BJs, etc.

Glass Vial w/ Cork Lid - Style #VC5C

($0.59 at

Metal Rim Key Tags- Avery, 1.25"

($7.29 for 50 at

Hole Punch - Uchida Jumbo Circle 1"

($7.89 at

Labels - Avery 5165 (laser) / Avery 8465 (Inkjet)

($36.99 for 100 sheets at

* * *

LOVE! So chic, so completely useful. Absolutely perfect!