DIY Project: Goodie Bags
March 25, 2009
DIY Inspired

I am a little bit obsessed with this project, as it's A. Adorable, B. Versatile and C. Wallet Friendly. So, needless to say, you guys are going to love it too!

diy project favors

Here is the breakdown and the instructions...

diy project favors


Kraft Paper Bags by Your Store Supplies

Ribbons by Crafta

Printed Labels

Edible Goodie

Donation to Charity

Hole Punch

Trees for Life Charity


1. Print out custom labels, mine measured 3"x4 7/8" to fit the bag. On the front I printed an Irish Blessing for our guests, and on the back a description of our donation in their honor. NOTE: I am a designer, so adding the custom labels to compliment my invitation stationery was a simple project. Another alternative would be a fabric swatch in your wedding colors, with a simple tag/message printed on cardstock.

2. Hole punch the label/bag and tie ribbon to fit style (bow or knot). I looped the ribbon to use as a handle.

3. Fill the inside with whatever goodies coordinate with your wedding, we used brownies that were included in our catering and the guests devoured them as appetizers.

* * *

So, so cute!