DIY Project: Garden Seed Envelopes
March 25, 2009
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In this day and age, there is nothing better than a favor that adds a bit of beauty to our world. Which is exactly why I love this's sweet and charming, and it will help your guests add a touch of pretty to their day.

diy project favors

Here is the rundown!

diy project favors

These hand folded envelopes holding colorful seed packets are practical (the guest may actually plant the seeds), easy (each one takes 1-2 minutes to make) and chic (you can use any kind of paper to match your wedding). 


-6'' squares of pretty paper – Ebay has this size origemi paper in every shade and print imaginable.

-Stamp and stamp pad

-Sewing machine

- Seed packets


1.  Place paper square on table in a “diamond” position and use the stamp you have chosen to stamp 1 1/2 inches below the top corner.

2. Imagine where the center of your square is.

3. Without moving your square, fold the right and left sides of the square to the imaginary center point. Their tips should just barely touch.

4. Fold the bottom flap up over the folds you have just made, folding ½ inch beyond your imagined center point.

5. You can add a drop of paper glue to keep the flaps together or you can move over to your sewing machine and sew a decorative stitch ¼ inch from the bottom.

6.  Now slide the seed packet into the envelope and write names on the envelope or decorate with a thank you stamp so your guests know they are for them.  Enjoy!

I am using these as both favor and place cards (to save paper). Each guest will pick up the envelope with there name on it and the kind of seeds they received tells them which table to sit at because the tables are named after flowers.  It makes it so easy to change the seating arrangement, right until the last moment.   Enjoy!