DIY Project: Dipping Oil
March 25, 2009
DIY Inspired

Our next DIY project, that was sent in by Bottle Your Brand, is absolutely perfect for a wine country wedding, an intimate restaurant inspired affair, a warm evening with family style entertaining...

diy project favors

And here is the breakdown and instructions...

diy project favors


-1 small glass jar with cork (purchased from Michael’s for $.99)

-1 3 liter container of extra virgin olive oil (purchased from Cost Plus World Market for $24.99)

-1 2.25 oz packet of Italian Seasoning (purchased from Cost Plus World Market for $1.99)

-1 80 foot spool of raffia (purchased from Cost Plus World Market for $1.99)

-30 custom labels (purchased from Bottle Your Brand for $9.99)


1.    We adapted a wine label design from Bottle Your Brand to fit onto a large water bottle label.  We were able to fit three small labels (measuring 2.125” W by 2.062” H) onto one large water bottle label (measuring 2.125” H by 8.062” W) by turning the design sideways and stacking them.  After the labels were printed, we used a paper-cutter to trim the large water bottle label down to the three small labels.  We were able to get three small labels out of one large water bottle label.

2.    Put 1 ¼ tsp of Italian Seasoning into the empty bottle.  Using a small funnel, fill the rest of the bottle with extra virgin olive oil.  The small bottle we bought from Michael’s used about three ounces of olive oil to fill.  Insert the cork.

3.    Peel the protective backing off the small custom label, and apply to the bottle.  If the bottle gets olive oil on it, we found that using Windex is a great way to clean the bottle off so that the label will stay on!  We picked a three-sided bottle so that the label would have a nice flat surface to sit on.

4.    Measure out 12 inches of raffia and loop twice around the neck of the bottle.  Tie a simple double knot, then trim the edges so that they are even at a length you think looks nice.

Total cost: After calculating the cost for all materials, each individual favor costs approximately $2.30.  Prices will vary depending on how many favors you make, what kind of olive oil you buy, and how much the other materials cost at your location.

* * *

SUCH a great offering, as it's something that you know your guests will use and enjoy. That is the best kind of favor!