DIY Wreaths
March 24, 2009
DIY InspiredRustic
I love all of the little details that went into the Rustic Chic style of today's featured wedding. And, lucky for us, Shea (the gorgeous bride) has stopped by to share her DIY wreath project with us!


photography by Duston Todd


Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
A Pussy Willow Wreath and 2-4 Berry Stems


1. At your local craft store buy a pussy-willow wreath or other coordinating wreath and 2-4 berry "picks." I prefer berries because it is easier to get away with fake berries than fake flowers.

2. Buy 2 yards of each color ribbon. 2 colors per wreath generally looks best. My favorite ribbon is at MJ Trim.

3. Using wire cutters, strip the berries of the outer plastic coating so they are pliable.

4. Place berries at a diagonal, wrap berry wire around the wreath and glue into place. Let dry.

5. Layer the ribbon and tie in a knot around the berries and wreath wire. Glue the back side of the knot to the wreath. Let dry.

6. Tie bow, fluff and snip ends at an angle about 6 inches from the bottom of the wreath.

* * *

Thank you so much to Shea and Syd for sharing your absolutely beautiful day with us. I think that I speak for all SMP readers when I say that it was wonderfully inspiring! We wish you many years that are just as lovely, just as romantic. And of course, to the fabulous Duston Todd, for making us all wish we could hire you to shoot our own weddings!