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Your "Vegas Wedding Style" Is Showing!
March 19, 2009
By: eddye

We're so happy to have Tracey Kumer-Moore, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge, guest blogging for us on the Little Black Book Blog today! When she first offered to share her passion about Las Vegas as the perfect Destination Wedding venue, we thought it was such a great idea! Way too many people can't get past the stereotypical Vegas concept ... but Las Vegas ... on and off-strip ... has so very much more to offer couples seeking a destination wedding. We're super-excited for Tracey to share with us!

from Tracey ...

As a Las Vegas wedding consultant who works with couples from all over the world, I have the pleasure of collaborating with some amazingly talented wedding professionals. Two of our local photographers, Ashley Bartoletti & Little Black Book member Chelsea Nicole, were gracious enough to share their feelings and their photos.

Q: How would you describe the style of Las Vegas weddings that sets us apart from other cities?

AB: EVERY wedding has its own STYLE. What sets us apart from other cities is that Vegas offers the ultimate wedding experience for couples who want it all!  Since many Vegas weddings are destination weddings, it often becomes a whole weekend event, involving shows, restaurants, and other activities. As for the wedding itself, there are SO many options to really personalize it.

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti

CN: Las Vegas has a fresh, alternative, and funky style that attracts vibrant couples from all over the world. Vegas IS variety. From classy chic to rock-star glam, from small and intimate to full-blown ballroom gala events, this city definitely has got you covered!

Photography by Chelsea Nicole

TKM: For me, Vegas wedding-style is bold and shiny, sophisticated, edgy, and daring. It’s global and cosmopolitan, relaxed and refined. But it is also welcoming, hospitable, warm, fun, engaging, a little silly and always big-hearted and open to new ideas and taking chances.  Vegas is the best place to celebrate your love and your style…with STYLE!

Las Vegas!

Q: There was a commercial for Las Vegas that says 'Your Vegas is Showing!'  Remember? How do you get the 'Vegas Wedding Style' to show in your images and events?

AB:  Some clients embrace the Las Vegas ambiance; in that case it is easy to bring out Vegas-style by creating fun, sexy, colorful images, as well as utilize all the interesting backgrounds and lights that Vegas has to offer . Each client is different, though ... not all clients want that.

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti

CN: Vegas is glamorous, it’s exciting! Its adventure and its vibrant! And shhhhhh, it’s also a tiny bit sexy. The appeal of Vegas is that it allows us all to be playful, passionate, and just a little daring. It tends to bring out a little spark of blissful freedom in my couples and that’s what I love to capture.

Photography by Chelsea Nicole

TKM: As an event planner, it’s what I do and love…helping couples express their version of Las Vegas wedding style and turning a space into their unique place in time for one special night. In every aspect, from invitations to décor, flowers to lighting, cake to cocktails and entertainment, I collaborate with my clients and talented dedicated professionals to capture that feeling and turn it into a living, breathing celebration of their lifestyle, and style and love.

Photography by Chelsea Nicole

photography by little black book member chelsea nicole, and ashley bartoletti

More to come from Tracey ... Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge ...