Your "Vegas Wedding Style" Is Showing, II
March 19, 2009
By: eddye

Today, our Little Black Book guest-blogger is Tracey Kumer-Moore, Your Las Vegas Concierge.

"Las Vegas has always been the ultimate American Destination Wedding spot. In an economy where people may not be able to afford to travel as far for a destination wedding, Las Vegas is considered one of the top three fine dining destinations in the country. It has some of the most luxurious resorts, the best shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and 350 degrees of sunshine. Now that is what I call a DESTINATION! Beyond the traditional “chapels” there are incredible ballrooms, venue outdoor spaces, scenic country clubs as well as other resorts off the strip that are anything but the commercial Vegas wedding venues. Las Vegas is moving away from the 'theme' oriented resorts and the city is much more cosmopolitan, sophisticated, stylish and chic."

Photography by Chelsea Nicole

Tracey enlisted the aid of Las Vegas photographers Ashley Bartoletti and Little Black Book member Chelsea Nicole to express their thoughts about Vegas-style weddings ...

Q: What do you love about shooting weddings off the strip at some of our other amazing properties around town?

AB: When shooting off the strip, the best part is having space to shoot and a little less chaos. I love being able to utilize big grassy areas and other natural elements. It is also really nice to get away with the bride and groom, and have it be just the three of us, rather than having 100's of strangers passing you by. There are so many great locations off strip, from golf and country clubs to some really unique and intimate restaurants. There really is something for everyone.

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti

Q: What is one little known fact about Las Vegas Wedding Style you have discovered as a Las Vegas based photographer that you want to share with the LBB readers?

AB: Many of the hotels on the strip include photography in their packages, which tend to be very stiff and not very creative. Some hotels will allow you to bring in an outside photographer instead. It is important to research what each hotel offers, includes, allows and considers upgrades and charges for. If photography is something that is important to you, I really recommend investing in an outside photographer that really suits your personal style so you get exactly what you want.

CN: Your guests will absolutely love a Las Vegas wedding! This is one thing that might not be immediately apparent. Vegas is unique in that, for the most part, you don’t have to entertain your guests while they’re here. They entertain themselves. During the hectic times of finalizing wedding plans, this can be a welcome relief. There’s something fun and exciting for them to do 24-hours a day. From the clubs, slots, fantastic food and shows, you’ll be guaranteed that you and your guests will have an amazing time that will not soon be forgotten. Just make sure to choose a great photographer to capture it all!

Photography by Chelsea Nicole

And a final word from Tracey about Las Vegas weddings ...

Take a cue from our city ... Be bold, daring and think outside the box about how you want your wedding to feel and be remembered. Your guests will be so excited to come to Las Vegas with you! Take advantage of the abundant, amazing live talent, event resources and unique ideas our city offers to help you put on an amazing event with unexpected, memorable touches!

Wow! She's convinced me!

A huge thank you to Tracey, Ashley and Chelsea for some very convincing evidence that a Las Vegas Style Wedding would be oh-so special!