Ceci New York Giveaway Winner, Day 3
March 19, 2009

It's day three of our Ceci New York discount giveaway,50% off their fabulous White Label Collection! I am going to just get right to the chase...the winner is, Nairi!

"Here is my attempt to beat all these other brides who are all probably trying to have a luxurious wedding on a not so luxurious budget. In these tough times, these giveaways are truly a little bit of hope for us brides who might feel a bit guilty going extravagant right now. To have a truly budget friendly wedding, all my friends and family have pitched in. My friends have agreed to take care of the wedding centerpieces and do them DIY, my fiance’s aunt is making the jewelry for the bridesmaids, the bridesmaids get to pick their own dresses, we have opted out of having favors, and finally I purchased my dress from a sample sale. When I peruse this site, I am always envious of the girls who created their own invitations, as that is the first thing that sets the tone for your wedding. These invitations would never in my dreams make into my budget, which is why I have already been looking at other vendors you have recommended on this site. But I have to admit, I am in love with one design that would be a perfect compliment to our D.C. wedding in May 2010 in the modern event building connected to the Swedish embassy. The Marques. It is the perfect blend of modern, yet feminine. And the bold look of the black on white would be perfect, as my colors are black, white and eggplant. Everyday I bring home another invitation for my fiance to look at that would fit into our budget, but I think I really cannot choose because I am not really ecstatic about them. To save him the agony of having to see one more invitation, and to make us one extremely happy couple, please pick us. "

Congrats to Nairi! Remember, we are announcing winners all week and the last day’s winner will be selected from the entire group of submissions so note there is still another chance to win!