Humanstory Films Presents ... Intangible Moments
March 17, 2009
By: eddye

As a mom, I must tell you that there are simply no words that can even come close to describing the swirling emotions of my daughter's wedding day. I'm quite sure that Tait's mother would say the same. There are brief flashes of memories, moments that will live on in my very soul, forever. But had I taken a few moments to sit down with Abby's videographer on her wedding day, I think that it would have been a tremendous gift for her to hold onto, long after the actual day.

Photographs do much the same. But capturing cherished moments on film ... well, it's just intangible.

Humanstory: Jennifer and Brett, Photography by Don Mears

photography by Don Mears

William at humanstory films knows all about it. That's what he does. He captures the emotions ... on film and in words. He, like so many other film makers, has a passion for his art. The art of preserving your family's history on film.

A little bit about William ...

I produce documentary style films that use interviews and cinema verite style footage from the day. I am extremely passionate about the storytelling part of the craft. Everything, from the music to the pacing to the choice of footage supports the story. How families and friends interact on the wedding day provides some of the most moving stories for me. I am a sap for family stories ...

Brett and Jennifer met by a chance encounter on a spring break trip neither wanted to attend. When she first met him on the beach, Jennifer was less than impressed but, as she got to know him, well the rest is history. Jennifer and Brett both have amazingly close families and we tried to show that in the film.

A brief clip from humanstory films ... Jennifer & Brett

humanstory films is based in Virginia ... but as is the case with most all wedding artists, they'll go anywhere for a great story!

A huge thank-you to Little Black Book photographer Don Mears for the beautiful photos and to William for sharing this snippet of Jennifer & Brett's story. He has an amazing website and blog. But I have to warn you, you'll need to pull out some tissues before heading over there.