Wedding Invitation Trends
March 16, 2009

Even though Lisa Hoffman, of Ceci New York, was hard at work designing and planning her own wedding...she still found time to write a guest blog for us all about the latest and greatest invitation trends. The energy that this lovely lady has is so admirable and I am thrilled that she is a part of Style Me Pretty!

* * *

The art of inviting is all about making your personalized statement - whether it's bold and glamorous or classic and traditional, let the process of choosing your invitations to be an enjoyable one. Go with your gut on what excites you. Below are my top favorite invitation trends heating up for Spring.

HOT BY DESIGN - True craftsmanship and detailed embellishments make each invitation as individual as you are. It's OK to use color and make statements. I love this invitation design because even though it was a wedding on the beach in St. Martin, the design look has nothing to do with beach or anything tropical. We went with what the bride felt most represented them as a couple. Bold color, modern details and a little bit of bling.

lisa hoffman invitation

Above is a close up the laser cut sleeve - that's not paper, it's actually black fabric I used! The pink foil shines through in some of the areas hinting what's to come. When guests slid the invite out of the sleeve, the rest of the pattern is revealed in two tones of pink on the crocodile embossed paper. This design was mounted on the back of the invitation.  

UNEXPECTED TOUCHES - If bold color is too much for you, keep it to a black and white color palette but use unexpected materials like plexi or crystals to add interest like this Swarovski crystal embellished lucite invitation.

lisa hoffman invitation

So much more from Lisa Hoffman of Ceci New York on the way!