Real Wedding by Stella Alesi, III
March 13, 2009

Today we are looking at the art of an indoor wedding...finding chic ways to really beautify a space. I love this wedding that Brian and Stella Alesi sent me for the absolutely lovely details. It's not over-the-top, it's not overly designed. It's simple and totally SMP...

stella alesi real wedding

Isn't the cake everything I said it would be! Loving it like crazy. There are so many lovely details from today's wedding...from the simple stone "place cards" to the minimalist tables. Every element just allows the gorgeous space to really sparkle.

stella alesi real wedding

A few tidbits from Brian Alesi, the photography behind this pretty affair...

This was a lovely wedding with a bride whose smile just knocked me out. Late May can already be hot in Texas, so this bride chose well when she decided to do both ceremony and reception at the Lakeway resort indoors. The ballroom in which the reception was held is mostly glass, so they were able to enjoy the fantastic scenery as the light change from day to evening. I loved that the tables didn't need much in the way of centerpieces. The light from in room made the glassware and dishes just sparkle.

More to come!

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