DIY Centerpieces by Weddings by Socialites
March 12, 2009
DIY Inspired
I looooove today's wedding centerpiece idea that the fabulous Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites designed for us. It's so elegant and yet so totally approachable. Plus, you can really make it your own by choosing flower vessels that you love and grouping them in little clusters among tables...

DIY Centerpieces

all images by Impressions Photography

Whether you want to use this as inspiration for your florist or event designer OR you want to tackle it yourself, this centerpiece is perfect for a chic, outdoor affair...lots of red wine, really good food and of course, candles everywhere!

Red Tulips, Flamenco Roses (Yellow with Red ends), Forever Young Roses (Solid Red), and Yellow Sweetheart Roses
Retail Tulips $6-$20, Roses $20-$45

Linen: Copper crinkle taffeta
Charger: Gold weave design (acrylic)
Plate: Green with brown edges
Goblet: Green hue
Napkin: Brown cotton
Menu: 5x7 self printed on cardstock
Vessels: 3-4 Green ceramic pots with lids

Instructions & Notes from Kelly

This is a great way to pull off an eclectic wedding that still remains elegant because you're using the continuity of the same flowers from table to table.  You can use different vessels and sizes to save on costs.  This centerpiece is good for 72" round tables, square tables or Royal tables (double banquets).  I like the idea of different style vessels because you can keep them for use in your home after the wedding.  The number of flowers you use is going to vary depending on the size of your vessel, so keep that in mind.

If you're working with roses it is imperative that you buy them at least a day before the wedding to give them some time to open.  Trim them under warm running water and store them in a cool place. *Note: You'll have to clean the roses of their leaves before they go in the water so that they don't go bad quickly.

I went to my local housewares closeout store (Homegoods) and found 15 of these pots in varying sizes.  They ranged from $4-$20 each.  I also found the chargers at a closeout shop on sale for $1!

I took 3 different sized pots and filled with water (and flower food).   I always placed the tulips in the highest container because they spread and drape well over the roses.  This makes the centerpiece look more lush.  Plus, Tulips have leaves that drape as well- again, making the centerpiece seem fuller.

I pushed the containers together and then filled in the area between them with just a few rose blooms.  This is what I found had the biggest "wow" effect.  Use the roses for this- they last the longest without water. Make sure you cut the stems short enough to not stick out the other side of your centerpiece.  But also leave them long enough for someone to grab and take home at the end of the night.

To add another layer of texture, I also used some of the lids at the bottom of the centerpiece and placed them at angles so that there would be just enough room to stuff a bloom or 2 in. I always feel like you get the biggest bang for your buck by adding color with linens.  If a full tablecloth is out of your budget, consider a runner.

* * *

Thank you so much, Kelly! Love, love, love! For those of you that are looking to take on your own flowers, for something like this to happen, you have to be open to working with chargers that you find at area closeout shops, flea markets or on ebay. And of course, vessels that coordinate. Then, you can use these tips and general guidelines to create your own unique look!