Real Wedding: Liz and Ken, VI
March 11, 2009

Sometimes it's the smallest, most intimate weddings that are the most beautiful. For most of us, having this type of an affair is virtually impossible, but there are lessons to be learned that would apply to any wedding...

Jessica Johnston real wedding

all photographs were captured by the lovely and talented Jessica Johnston

First, create an ambiance that is warm and incredibly inviting. Classic candlesticks towering over simple but beautiful white florals, classic white linens, great food and really nice wine.

Make little touches that you would if you were hosting your own dinner party at home. Things like handwritten place cards, bottles of champagne or a even sparkling water stored on ice beside each table, a welcoming toast from the bride or groom.

Chanel Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Classic, simple and totally beautiful. From your wedding attire to your vows, everything should be thoughtfully elegant. A harpist or spanish guitarist would be lovely and would make guests feel that they are attending something incredibly special.

Make time for each guest. It means so much to those who traveled near and far to get in a quick hug with the bride and groom. By really making an effort, you will ensure that guests are left feeling thrilled.

So much more to come!