DIY Centerpieces by Custom Event Group
March 10, 2009
DIY Inspired

As I mentioned yesterday, over the coming weeks, we are going to be featuring the loveliest DIY centerpieces that have been crafted by our favorite Little Black Book planners, designers and florists especially for SMP readers. Today's feature, designed by the fabulous (and I mean seriously fabulous) Rebecca Feeney of Custom Event Group in the Bay Area, is one of the best. Together with florist Kathy Hoffman, the girls designed a gracefully mismatched collection of centerpieces that would make any bride swoon.

From the oh-so-talented Rebecca...

Ellen's wedding is an all time favorite of mine, it radiated with authenticity. We featured her amazing collection of glass and old fashionedmilk glass from her mid west home town. She shipped it to us in bubble wrap and boxes and it was like Christmas unwrapping each and every treasured piece. On her wedding day, each dining table was totally unique; it's quite cost effective and nourishing for one's creative side to dig around and see what's in the china cabinet to use for centerpieces.

custom event group

Materials (prices are based on California, Bay area averages)

White Snowberry - 3.5/stem

Copper colored peony foliage - 2.5/stem

umbrella fern - 3.75/stem

nandina leaves in green/copper and plum - tough to quote per stem!

peach and apricot hypernium berries - 3.00 per bunch

soft bronze calla lilies - 8.00 per bunch (a few go a long way, only use these on a couple tables)

coral passion vine buds and tendrils - 4.50/stem

aged antique colored hydrangeas - 12.00/stem

various garden roses (singing in the rain, fair bianca, evelyn, just joey, caramel antique, and juliet) 4-7.00 per stem

peachy/apricot small spray roses - 4.00/stem

large dahlias, cafe au lait - 4.50/stem

....and a few more types of foliage, wander through your own or a friends garden to gather artistic types of speciality foliage


The first steps...decide upon the look and direction you want. For example, do you want a cozy wedding with enamel ware and lots of lanterns, or an old fashioned elegant look? Next, pull all your containers that speak to your 'direction', and stand back and look, then start creating groupings. If you don't have enough of one, fill in with another shape or glass, try to stretch your collection to however many tables you have...8 round tables = about 15 vessels. And if you need a few more pieces, scan the shelves of your local Cost Plus, thrift store or even flea won't believe how easily you'll fill in the gaps. The beauty of this look hinges on the careful balance of shapes.

* * *

If you haven't already checked out Custom Event Group, it's an absolute must-have. Rebecca's collection of galleries will literally make you jump for joy, filled with the sweetest inspirations and wedding ideas a girl could ever want!